Beautiful Handmade Leather Vintage Journal

Product Details: Leather *8x6 * 240 pages * Unlined Pages * Deckle Edge Paper

Cassidy's Cozy Corner

Cassidy's Cozy Corner

* This Vintage Journal is our first product to launch and every detail was chosen with great purpose. It was created to hold your deepest of thoughts, cherished memories, and a place to freely express yourself. The unique paper is purposefully unlined so you can use the space freely to write, paint, draw, add photos, and any other way you chose to express yourself.                                                                                                                                               

* There are many natural ways to add an extra layer of emotional cushion. By creating a physical space and filling it with the things that bring you peace can offer so much to your overall emotional wellbeing. We will be adding more of those things to our brand as we grow. You can look forward to specific teas, oversized coffee/tea mugs, a super soft chenille chunky throw blanket, the comfiest of socks, and eye pillows to reduce stress/anxiety/headaches and elevate relaxation.                                                                                                                               
* As a seasoned Clinical Therapist deciding to create my own brand was a very personal decision. I have always encouraged my clients to use specific items to soothe their emotions. This is exactly why I decided to create my own brand, as it allows me to choose, sample, and design these specific items. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and greatly appreciate you supporting our small business! ​  






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